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May 13, 2023 (17:00-18:00 Tehran Time)

Virtual Venue:

Speaker: Dr Susanne Pumpluen,

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Title of talk: Nonassciative algebras, applications to coding theory, and how I got there


Why do we celebrate on 12 May? Let us talk about this, but also about mathematics!

It is well known that the complex numbers can be constructed from the real numbers: they can be viewed as pairs of real numbers, together with a suitable multiplication.

When we generalize this construction, we can define Hamilton's quaternion algebra over the reals. Even more generally, we can define the" Cayley Dickson doubling process" which can be used to construct quaternion and octionion algebras over any field. In this talk I explore what happens when we slightly alter this "doubling process";  and how these algebras can then be applied in coding theory.

Some of these "new" algebras behave surprisingly similar to their classical "cousins", and are for instance employed to build codes used for wireless digital data transmission, e.g. in mobile phones, laptops or portable TVs.

To make the talk accessible to a broad audience, we will explain the main ideas using  Hamilton's quaternion algebra.

How I got there? Now this is another story...

Organizers: Prof Dr  Arash Ahadi, Kharazmi University

Prof Dr Ali Sadegh Daghighi, Kharazmi University & IRFS

Sponsors: Kharazmi University, Iran

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Fundamental Sciences (IRFS) at Arak University, Iran



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Tehran Province
Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Sciences
University Square, Shahid Beheshti Boulevard

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Kharazmi University and Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Fundamental Sciences (IRFS) at Arak University, Iran