Why teenage girls' mathematical vocations in Spain has slowed down?

When studying mathematics was associated to teaching, it was a female-dominated degree. The situation changed drastically in 2012, coinciding with a bigger demand for technology and business jobs. The article ¿Por qué se han frenado las vocaciones matemáticas de las adolescentes? contributes to analyze the possible causes of this through many different testimonies.

Raconte-moi Alicia Boole

On May 12th 2021, a tribute to Alicia Boole will be made public on our website.

Following the same line of ideas underlying our tribute to Maryam Mirzakhani for the first edition, we offer an artistic form intertwining a dozen contributions : dance, reading performance, story-telling, object animation... and some mathematical context of course (in french). Each contribution starts from a key-word linked to the story of Alicia Boole. As a whole they create some kind of Chinese portrait.

Women in Maths Day in Melbourne

This year Deakin University will be celebrating the Women in Mathematics Day to promote the collaboration of female mathematicians and to celebrate women`s achievements in mathematics.  

There will be presentations from female academics, industry professionals, and post-graduate students about their research areas and experience of working in mathematics. A movie about the lives of women working in science, including the challenges they face, will also be shown. 

Organisers: K. Morgan, Su Chan, L. Vogelsang.

Entrevistando a mi profesora de matemáticas (Chile)

Ttitle in english : Interviewing my female math professor

Alumnas y ex-alumnas entrevistan a las profesoras de matemáticas que han sido parte de su camino universitario, de su formación matemática e inspiración.

Female students and graduate students from the math department interview female mathematics professors who have been part of their college journey, mathematical training and inspiration.

Les mathématiques se conjuguent (aussi) au féminin ! (Nancy, France)

Summary in english:

We invite students and members of the Université de Lorraine to take part in a creative contest!  Sophie Germain, Sofia Kovalevskaïa, Emmy Noether… Women mathematicians of the past are not always very well known and even now, there are few women in the professions involving mathematics. But women are (also) made for mathematics! In order to illustrate this, please send us a drawing, a poster, a video, a small text… before May 5, 2021.

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