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To celebrate this event we organise a meeting  that will be held on Wednesday 31 May.

This is the program:

At 12h15: Inauguration of the photographic exhibition Remember Maryam Mirzakhani .  The gender balance data of our Department, updated to May 2023, will be shown. The inauguration will be held in the presence of the delegate for Equal Opportunities of the University, Gaya Spolverato and of our director.

The Corollary Choir will accompany us with some songs. We will close the inauguration with a toast!

Moreover we offer you the viewing of the 30-minute documentary film on Olga Ladyzhenskaya, in the occasion of the celebration of her birth centenary. 

The trailer can be found here

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Via Trieste, 63
35131 Padova PD

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Dipartimento di Matematica Tullio Levi-Civita