Exhibition Women in Maths from around the world (Kiel, Germany)

„Entering the field of mathematics can be tough, and women often encounter specific obstacles. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through photographs (by Noel Tovia Matoff) and excerpts from 34 women mathematicians (by Sylvie Paycha with Sara Azzali for some of them) from around the world.“

The exhibition will be shown from May 6th to May 15th in the Mathematics Department of Kiel university. Additionally the creators of the exhibition will visit the department to give a scientific lecture and an introduction to the exhibition on May 8th.

Celebrating UCD’s female mathematicians in Dublin

To celebrate International Day of Women in Mathematics the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics will display posters with testimonials from female students, staff and alumni on the ground floor of Science East (O’Brien Centre of Science) on Thursday May 9th. There will be a lunch reception by the posters from 1-2pm, which is open to people of all genders and career stages. This event will highlight the achievements of our female students and staff, as well as provide an opportunity to get together and network.

Collection #JovesMatemàtiquesCatalanes

Collaborative construction of a collection of posters of Young Females in Mathematics in our country. 

A new poster was published on Twitter every day from May 12th, for 3 to the power of 3 days. It was also posted on Instagram. 

It has been converted into an exhibition, both, in physical support and online, to offer young and closer referents to children and teenagers. 

Women in Mathematics May 12

May 12 marks the birthday of Maryam Mirzakhani - the first female Field Medallist who sadly passed away in 2017, whom you will get to know deeper at our event. Since 2019, it has been celebrated as International Women in Mathematics Day all around the globe, providing an opportunity to proclaim female mathematicians' achievements and inspire others wishing to walk down the same path.

‌We encapsulate what we offer for such an occasion:

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