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National digital meeting -- Women in Mathematics in Norway

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Start 13.30

13.35-13.55: Susanne Solem (NMBU), zoom from Oxford. Partial differential equations modelling noisy grid cells. (English)

  • Abstract: Grid cells are neurons which play an important role in the internal navigational system of mammals, and their activity creates striking hexagonal patterns when a mammal moves around in an environment. It is well-known, both from scientific experiments and self-lived experience, that the brain contains noise. I will therefore give you a glimpse of a grid cell model taking noise into account in the form of a system of partial differential equations. The presentation will include colorful patterns.

14.00-14.20: Karin M. Jacobsen (NTNU), zoom fom Aarhus. Relations for continuous quivers. (English)

  • Abstract: This talk relates an ongoing research with Job D. Rock in representation theory of algebras. Quivers are collections of arrows - also known as directed (finite) graphs. What happens if we let our quivers have uncountably many vertices? I will talk about how th project got started, what we are trying to do, and why

14.30: (In Norwegian) Tre av Abelfinale-jentene, Astrid, Karen og Mina, i samtale med Inger Christin Borge (UiO) og Trine Foyn (OsloMet), zoom fra UiO. (Norwegian)

Concluding remarks Inger Johanne Håland Knutson (UiA), zoom fra UiA. (Norwegian)


15.30: Movie projectionlocally with zoom alternative: "Women in science in Africa. A silent revolution." 

In Bergen, the movie will be followed by a panel debate about equal opportunities in STEM fields. The movie projection and the following panel debate is a joined arrangement with the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen, Norway.

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Mathematics department, University of Bergen
Allegaten 41
5020 Bergen

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Women in Mathematics in Norway