An Invitation to Mathematics: A series of lectures introducing various topics in Mathematics

The lecture series is for Undergraduate/Postgraduate students giving insights into various topics of mathematics to encourage the students to take up research and higher education in field of Mathematics. The talks will be expository, with efforts to connect the audience to  current trends and applications of the subject as well as  highlight the possible job opportunities in the field.  

The first event in this series in planned as part of Indian Women and Mathematics May 12 initiative. 

Women's Advancement in Mathematical Sciences: Building and Sustaining Mentoring Relationships

  • In line with the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022, the event will cover the following topics:
    • The Importance of Building and Sustaining Mentoring Relationships for Women's Advancement in Mathematical Sciences and in addressing Gender Equality for Sustainable Development.
    • Funding and Scholarship Application Good Practice Strategies
    • Social Media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of addressing Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Mathematical Sciences.

1 gioco x 1 gioco - 1 game x 1 game

From May 12th to 19th, classes of Institute I. C. Pra', from nursery school to middle school (3-14 years old) are invited to choose and play a math games and invent another one for sharing.

Classes can find games in
Ln8Sc-Vrd1Q47quMQ?e=ygue39  and can share them in dedicated Teams group.

The Sigma Expo 2022

This a workshop organized by the students association of the Department of Mathematics Education, University of Education Winneba.

The workshop is organized for the ladies of the department in honour of May 12 celebration. 

Topics include:
- The best love advice ever

- Life work and balance
- Academics and leadership


Our association Vagabond Mathematics has a regular project of drawing mathematics with chalk in the streets of Lyon.

We are happy to celebrate the 12May on the 21st May by drawing curves via sheafs of lines which are tangent to them. 

The event is open to anybody who likes to draw with chalk and good company, and is interested to learning math through art, or creating through mathematics. We will make a celebratory speech before we start to draw!

On the life and work of Maryam Mirzakhani

Together with all the mathematics students at the University of Amsterdam we will spend the afternoon to celebrate the work of Maryam Mirzakhani, the only woman so far to have received the Fields medal in mathematics in 2014. 

We will have a introductory talk dedicated to her mathematical achievements and then we will watch the documentary "Secrets of the surface (".

There will be also a social moments with drinks and pizza.

Celebrating Women in Mathematics: Two Days Workshop on Systematic Literature Review & Application of R for Time Series Analysis

We organize a workshop to celebrate Celebrating Women in Mathematics 2022. The two-day workshop will be held on 20 and 21 May 2022, with the topics  Systematic Literature Review and Application of R Software for Univariate and Multivariate Time Series Analysis.

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