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"Oggi mi sveglio creativa!" is an event tailored for secondary school students, in which cartoonist Alice Milani will walk them through the process of creating a comic strip. How do you draw, but first of all how do you read a comic strip? Reading sense, grid, balloons, framing, dialogue and captions. All of these elements contribute to creating a useful set of images and text to tell a longer or shorter time sequence.

But the creative process that is set in motion when we want to draw a comic strip story is not all that different from the one scientists use every day. It requires a great deal of preliminary study, but also autonomy in the work and the ability to follow an intuition until we see whether the idea we had can stand or not. The research work is based on looking for solutions that were not there before, with a bit of imagination and a lot of practical experimental work.

Mathematics researchers from GSSI and the University of L'Aquila will tell us about their daily experience with the creative process in science, and find out how much it has in common with creativity in the arts.


Workshop duration: 4 hours a day

from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

from May 13 to 17, 2024

at the GSSI Gran Sasso Science Institute Rectorate Building (Via Michele Jacobucci, 2 - L'Aquila).

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Via Michele Jacobucci, 2
67100 L'Aquila

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Gran Sasso Science Institute and University of L'Aquila