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When it is complete (soon), the Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit will include 16 panels, and a book including the photographs that can be previewed here:

Photographs, by Michael Hood

as well as roughly 100 pages of interviews.

The panels presented here are not yet in their final form.

The Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit is a collaborative effort of the following individuals and institutions, whose work and support is very much appreciated.

Funding: Australian Research Council via the Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship awarded to Professor Kate Smith-Miles (University of Melbourne), the University of Sydney, and the Australian National University.

Creation: Sylvie Paycha (concept and interviews), Michael Hood (photography), Anna Trundle (graphic design).

Coordination: Pierre Portal (ANU) and the Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group of the Australian Mathematical Society.

This exhibit is an Australian version of the "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe" exhibit (, created by Sylvie Paycha (concept and interviews), Noel Matoff (photography), and Eckedesign (graphic design).

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Australian National University (Pierre Portal coordinator)

Canberra ACT 2601

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Coordinator Pierre Portal