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Sophie Germain "the forgotten one of the Eiffel Tower" Is a Comedy telling the story of the French mathematician Sophie Germain


We are in 1789 in a bourgeois apartment in the heart of Paris. Outside the revolution rumbles. Thirteen-year-old Sophie is scared and does what any of us would have done… she immerses herself in a math book! She discovers a passion for this science, but to continue her work, she will have to take on the identity of a man, Mr. Leblanc, to work with the scientific men of her time.

This historical comedy tells with humor and freedom the adventure of this extraordinary woman. While integrating authentic historic texts. You will discover why Jean Dérens nicknamed Sophie Germain "the forgotten one of the Eiffel Tower" in 1994 in Liberation.

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4 rue Auber
59000 lille

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