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The event consists of a virtual and face-to-face exhibition of several women mathematicians in Brazil. The exhibition was already organized, in 2020, in a virtual mode by professors involved on the project, "Elas vão pra CiMa" (n the ). This project concerns using computational tools to introduce mathematics subjects to girls from public high schools. 


In the second edition, we also extend the exhibition to each school of participants in the project. We desire to share and spread acknowledgment about women in mathematics and general STEM to inspire and motivate them to follow this career.


Time and date: during the day 12/05 at the participant's schools of the project "Elas vão pra CiMa".

Colégio Estadual Conselheiro Carrão

Colégio Estadual Doutor Xavier da Silva

Colégio Estadual Ermelino de Leão

Colégio Estadual Natália Reginato

Colégio Estadual Segismundo Falarz

Federal University of Technology - Paraná - Brazi (UTFPR - CT) campus Centro



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Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165

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Federal University of Technology - Paraná - Brazi (UTFPR - CT)