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In time for the celebration of May 12th, the Dutch national association of women working in mathematics, EWM-NL, has put together a poster on notable women in mathematics!

Inspired by a poster on Notable Women in Computing, EWM-NL collected ideas for a poster on notable women in mathematics. The material was prepared by a joint Dutch and UK team comprising Ms. Silvy Hendriks (NL), Dr. Houry Melkonian, and Prof. Dr. Maria Vlasiou (NL), who conceived the project. The poster was designed by Jana Kleinberg.

The project was also linked to a competition organised by Dr. Melkonian at the University of Exeter for its students to celebrate diversification in the culture of mathematics, and to support participation among underrepresented groups. Read more on this here.

You can freely download, print, and distribute the poster. Help us translate it into different languages.

  • Dutch (Translation: Clara Stegehuis. Edited by: Yuexu Celine Chen and Joost Gabriels)
  • English

Translations under preparation: Afrikaans, Albanian, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Xhosa

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PO Box 513
5600MB Eindhoven

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EWM - The Netherlands