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Our Event is set to happen in Hybrid mode, with participants joining both online and in person on IISER Tirupati campus.

1. Panel Discussion (Online) 

Topic - "Math for All: Bridging the Gap Between Abstract Theory and Undergraduate Curiosity"

Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

This discussion will explore strategies to make advanced mathematical concepts accessible and engaging to undergraduate students. We aim to foster an inclusive learning environment and encourage active participation through innovative approaches such as redefining math talks, utilizing visual aids and technology, and promoting interdisciplinary connections.


Dr. Tulsi Srinivasan (Azim Premji University)
Dr. Shantha Bhushan (Azim Premji University)
Ms. Thamarai Valli (IISER Tirupati alumni BSMS 2016, currently a PhD student at Imperial College London),
Ms. Akshara Vincent (IISER Tirupati alumni BSMS 2016, currently a PhD student at University of Pittsburgh).



2. The Mathematical Fair (Hybrid)

Time : 2:00pm - 3:30pm

An informal and dynamic gathering where math enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds come together to share their favorite mathematical stories, theorems, objects, or puzzles. It promises to be a celebration of mathematics and inclusivity, showcasing the passion and talent of mathematicians of all genders.


Here's how it works:

  • Bring your most intriguing mathematical gem to share with our audience.
  • Upon joining the event, each potential speaker will be assigned a speaking order.
  • All speakers will have their speaking order randomly selected by a virtual draw.
  • Each speaker will have a 5-minute time slot to present their mathematical gem, followed by 1-2 questions from the online audience.

With this interactive format, we aim to accommodate approximately 7-8 speakers within one hour, ensuring a lively and enjoyable session for all participants..



3. Movie Streaming (Hybrid)

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm

 We will collectively stream two 11 minutes-length animated documentaries "Alicia Boole in the land of polytopes"  and "Kovalevskaya's Spinning Top".


Interested participants can sign up to be a speaker by filling up this form:

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Celebrating Women in Mathematics Event Poster

Permanent Campus Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Tirupati
Srinivasapuram, Venkatagiri Road, Jangalapalli Village, Panguru (G.P), Yerpedu Mandal,
Tirupati District 517619
Andhra Pradesh

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IISER Tirupati Math Club