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The Dynamic Education Academy (DEA) is a new education and training center in Albania.

This center is mainly focused on training students and teachers in science. The DEA's mathematics department consists mainly of female lecturers and trainers. In this center, among others importance is given to children with special tendencies in mathematics. Therefore, by this event, we intend to bring together students of the branch "Mathematics", math teachers and children who love mathematics. This meeting (online) will be divided into three main parts:

1) The music of primes. (Marcus Du Sautoy) (based on the wonderful translation by Prof. Dr. Aleko Minga).

  • Dr. Elisabeta Peti (Koci), Lecturer : (Math Department, Tirana university, Albania), General Secretary of "AMA"

(Albanian mathematical Association)

2) Secrets of the surface (collective event)

3) “Between the math teacher and the economist”:

  • Entela Alizoti, math teacher and administrator of “DEA” academy.
Type of event

Rruga: Ramazan Kasa

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Dynamic Education Academy "DEA"