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Join Columbia physicist and World Science Festival co-founder Brian Greene for a new episode of “Your Daily Equation” in celebration of women in mathematics. Brian guides you through the legacy of the German mathematician Emmy Noether who in 1918 discovered one of the most  pivotal equations of the ages. Known as the Noether Theorem, this finding linked two critical ideas--symmetry transformations and conservation laws--providing a powerful tool for understanding the fundamental mathematical laws of physics.

Tune in on May 11, 2020 to this featured episode of “Your Daily Equation” on the World Science Festival YouTube channel.

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blue graph paper with red world science festival logo in the top left corner, the white show logo centered with the episode # 25 in black and Brian Green's signature in black in the lower right corner

475 Riverside Dr Ste 950
New York, NY 10115-1000
United States

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World Science Festival