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The Albanian Mathematical Association (AMA) is a non-profit and non-governmental association. She represents our country in the math international Olympiads, the "Math Kangaroo" international competition etc. One of its main tasks is to increase interest in mathematics in pre-university and university education, stimulate interest to new math teachers and young mathematicians.

If somebody today wishes to become a true mover in mathematics, he/she has to first undertake long years of study. Long years after higher studies are necessary in order to assimilate the knowledge and the essential techniques which will allow the apprentice-mathematician to acquire his autonomy and to start producing original mathematical results on his own.

In fact, students in Albania generally have interest in learning mathematics (especially girls) compared to many other regions/countries but they do not willingly choose the profession of math teacher or the mathematician. Thus, how to enhance students’ mathematics achievement and interest are two major problems, of "AMA".

Therefore, by this event, we intend to bring together students of the branch "Mathematics" at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Albania. This meeting (online) will be divided into two main parts:

1) “Celebrating Woman in Mathematics Day”. Lecturer : Dr. Elisabeta Peti (Koci), General Secretary of "AMA"

2) Secrets of the surface (collective event)


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Bulevardi, Zogu i I, "FSHN"

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"AMA", Albanian Mathematical Association