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Last 12 of May, we celebrate the Women in Mathematics. Few women are mathematician and we need more female participation in this field of knowledge.

We would like to motivate women with this film and afterwards talking briefly about the experiences of two young women in this field: one University Professor and one undergraduate student from Costa Rica.

The event is organized by W-STEM group, "Mujeres de Ciencia" y "Mujer en Ingeniería" at the University of Costa Rica. Those groups look for the participation of more women in STEM. W-STEM is a project finance by the European Community.

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12 de Mayo. Día Internacional de la Mujer Matemática. Se les invita a participar en la proyección de la película "Secrets of the Surface". Día: viernes 15 de mayo, 5:30 pm.

Sede Rodrigo Facio
Montes de Oca
San José, San Pedro
Costa Rica

Name of the Organisation
W-STEM projetc, Universidad de Costa Rica