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Webemeeting: Women in Mathematics, May 26-27, let's celebrate!

While we are waiting for our presential meeting, we have created a virtual one, to occur May 26-27 11:00 am (SP-BR time), to celebrate this important moment for us, women in math.

May 26 - (in Portuguese) Roundtable with Maria José Pacífico (UFRJ-BR), Manuela Souza (UFBA-BR), Anne Bronzi (UNICAMP-BR) and Maité Kulesza (UFRPE-BR) about women and minorities in science, parent in science, women in academic leadership.

May 27 - (in English) Plenary talk with Dr. Corinna Ulcigrai (Univ. of Zurich), Brin prize winner 2020. She is going talk about "Slow chaos: understanding dynamics of parabolic systems".

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DynamicsWomen Art by Sonia de Carvalho (UFMG-BR) and Luciana Salgado (UFRJ-BR)

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Attached document

Avenida Athos da Silveira Ramos
Cidade Universitaria
Rio de Janeiro-RJ

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Dynamics Women - Dinâmicas