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Celebrating Women in Mathematics

On 1 May 2020, the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms of TU Wien (VCLA) is hosting an online film screening of the documentary movie on the mathematical work and life of the first female Fields Medal winner, Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017).

With this event, the VCLA is demonstrating support for the May12 initiative which brings together activities celebrating women in mathematics which take place during the month of May. May 12th, 1977, is the birthdate of Maryam Mirzakhani who in 2014 became the first woman recipient of the Fields Medal, the highest-ranking award in mathematics, for her efforts in what’s known as hyperbolic geometry. Her work focused on curved surfaces – such as spheres or donut shapes – which has applications in other fields of science including quantum field theory, computation and engineering and material science.

The aim of our virtual event is to engage the targeted general public as well as members of research communities to support the global initiative May 12th also in the wider Central European Area. The VCLA support for the initiative stems from our continuing co-funding and support for the Women in Logic series of workshops (together with ACAM SIGLOG), as well as our initiatives for securing retention and progression of female computer scientists in the field. The event is supported also by project ADA - Algorithmen Denken Anders.



We want to screen the movie on May 1st, 2020 between 20:00 and 24:00 (CET, CET+1, CET+2 etc)

We want to provide the link to the movie on our:


-Facebook page: @vclaTUWien

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