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We will have 2 webinars in two days, May 12 (3 talks) and May 14 (2 talks)

 1. Maryam's father, Ahmad Mirzakhani (the chairman of the board of Maryam Mirzakhani Foundation) talks on "Flourishing and Educating Talents".

2. Maryam's friend, Roya Beheshti, talks on "Maryam, School days and Memories".

3. Maryam's classmate and collaborator, Amir Jafari, talks on "Beauties of Math".

4. Mir-Omid Mir Sadeghi talks on "Who says Math is Useful?"

5. Javad Ebrahimi Boroojeni talks on "From Games to Math".

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Alborz Province
Taleghan, Taleghan Town
Shohadaye Shahrak Street, Bahman Alley, Number 11

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Maryam Mirzakhani Foundation