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We will be joined by 3 fantastic scientists who have contributed to our understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic:

* Ellen Brooks-Pollock, a senior lecturer from Bristol University, who served on SPI-M and SAGE to advise the government's response to the pandemic, for which she was awarded an OBE.

* Meaghan Kall, the lead epidemiologist for UKHSA's Covid group, whose Twitter threads explaining the group's technical briefings saw her named one of the top 10 scientists for 2021 by Nature.

* Katerina Kaouri, a senior lecturer at Cardiff University, who has developed and published a number of mathematical models concerning airborne transmission of Covid-19.

Each speaker will tell us about their research as well as something of their 'mathematical journey'.

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School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sheffield
S3 7RH
United Kingdom

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School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield