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On the occasion of Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday, an Iranian lady scientist, contemporary mathematician, who is named International Women's Day in Mathematics in the calendar of international scientific events, is holding the second leading scientific event (GAP) focusing on the ideas of female students in basic and technical sciences.

The advancement of basic sciences is the basis of scientific advancement and development of the country. Due to the role and importance of basic sciences in the development of countries, the year 2022 has been named as the World Year of Basic Sciences with the aim of promoting and creating a more serious attention to basic sciences. Due to the necessity of the presence of women and girls in the fields of basic sciences, technology and engineering, we decided to provide an opportunity to present the ideas of female students on the occasion of this International Day.

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Tehran Province
15floor,Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Building,Hormozan St,
Khovardin Blvd

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Iranian Science Promotion Association