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This year, the May 12 event at the University of Lethbridge is centered around celebrating and supporting resilient mathematicians: due to their gender or the unrest in their country of origin, many mathematicians face challenges and this can impact their work. For instance, the past year has been most challenging for Ukranian and Iranian women, especially students.

Highlights of the day (see Schedule):

  • Twelve on the Twelfth, a lecture by Dr. Kristine Bauer (Co Director Industry, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary):
    The under representation of women, especially women of color, has been persistently well documented (see for example the data dashboard on  One reason that this is a problem is that it can be difficult for women to identify role models - this can in turn make it harder for women to envision their own success.  During my career, I found it very helpful to learn the stories of women in STEM and to draw on aspects of their success to try to invent my own path.  In this talk, I will retell twelve stories of women in STEM that influenced me.  I can’t promise that the stories will be historically accurate, but I will try to say what I learned from the stories as I heard them and what lessons I hope others might take from them as well.

  • Mathematics for Humanity, a lecture by Dr. Laleh Behjat (NSERC Prairie Chair for Women in Science and Engineering, Professor, Electrical and Software Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary)

  • Challenges for international mathematicians, a panel discussion moderated by Alia Hamieh (Associate Professor, UNBC) and Habiba Kadiri (Associate Professor, Letbridge):
    Many international mathematicians, including students, come from places of unrest. They left behind family and friends. Consequently, they often have an extra burden of worrying for situations and people others only occasionally hear about on the news. Women and LGBTQ+ people would be disproportionately affected in those contexts. Their work could be affected in various ways. The goal of this panel is to give the opportunity to share these experiences with the wider community in the hope to create better understanding between "domestic" and "international" mathematicians.

  • students talks.

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