May12: My mathematical heroine

12th May is the "women in math day" in honor of Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday, an Iranian mathematician who in 2014 became the first and so far only woman to be awarded the Fields Medal. On that occasion, our professors Folkmar Bornemann, Marco Cicalese, Jürgen Richter-Gebert, and Elisabeth Ullmann will tell us about their personal mathematical heroines – female mathematicians who inspire them, influenced them, or whom they admire. 

Picture a scientist - screening and online discussion

We offer a public screening of the Film "Picture a scientist" between May 12 and May 14. The week afterwards, on Monday 17th , 7 p.m. we offer a common and free Zoom discussion about the film and the underlying topic, the gender gap particularly in mathematics, grievances, negative or positive personal experiences but also chances that come along with gender equality and more diversity.


A tribute to international women in mathematics day

We will have 2 webinars in two days, May 12 (3 talks) and May 14 (2 talks)

 1. Maryam's father, Ahmad Mirzakhani (the chairman of the board of Maryam Mirzakhani Foundation) talks on "Flourishing and Educating Talents".

2. Maryam's friend, Roya Beheshti, talks on "Maryam, School days and Memories".

3. Maryam's classmate and collaborator, Amir Jafari, talks on "Beauties of Math".

4. Mir-Omid Mir Sadeghi talks on "Who says Math is Useful?"

5. Javad Ebrahimi Boroojeni talks on "From Games to Math".

The Role of Women in Mathematics

This is an event in honor of Women and Mathematics, organized by Malayer University (Department of Mathematics). 

This online lecture will be given by Omid Ali Shehani Karamzadeh, (Professor of Mathematics at Chamran University of Ahvaz) about «the role of women in Mathematics». We will also have a panel discussion. 


The seminar will be on line by Adobe connect (by Covid19 emergency) and will be on 13 May 2021, 18:30. 






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